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Wakulla Mat is helping zoos keep penguins and birds healthy


Penguins are among the most popular attractions at zoos worldwide.


But living in captivity presents threats to these social, entertaining creatures in particular, their near-constant contact with standing water on rocks and concrete can leave them with a potentially fatal condition known as "bumblefoot."

We at Wakulla Mat have a solution to the penguins' dilemma. Covering the wet surfaces of their enclosures with our waterproof and self-draining Spaghetti Mat has been shown to relieve symptoms of this painful condition. By  allowing water to drain and air to circulate beneath the birds' feet, it keeps them dry and healthy.

Penguins are not the only birds affected by bumble foot.  Zoologists have identified Wakulla Mat as a possible benefit to several species.  What's more, our UV-and mildew-resistant mats can tough it out for years in environments far more challenging than zoo enclosures.

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